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The series of Bulletins was first authorized by Congress in 1886, and virtually all the researches published by the Bureau came to be included in this series, it contents being as broad as were contemporary interests in the field of anthropology, although mainly restricted in scope to the Americans.

1. Bibliography of the Eskimo language, by James Constantine Pilling
2. Perforated stones from California, by Henry W. Henshaw
3. The use of gold and other metals among the ancient inhabitants of Chiriqu, Isthmus of Darien, by William H. Holmes
4. Work in mound exploration of the Bureau of Ethnology, by Cyrus Thomas.
5. Bibliography of the Siouan languages, by James Constantine Pilling.
6. Bibliography of the Iroquoian languages, by James Constantine Pilling.
7. Textile fabrics of ancient Peru, by William H. Holmes.
8. The problem of the Ohio mounds, by Cyrus Thomas
9. Bibliography of the Muskhogean languages, by James Constantine Pilling.
10. The circular, square, and octagonal earthworks of Ohio, by Cyrus Thomas.
11. Omaha and Ponka letters, by James Owen Dorsey.
12. Catalogue of prehistoric works cast of the Rocky Mountains, by Cyrus Thomas.
13. Bibliography of the Algonquian languages, by James Constantine Pilling.
  Eliot's Indian Bible and other works. Bibliographic notes' on Eliot's Indian Bible and on his other translations' and works in the Indian language of Massachusetts.
14. Bibliography of the Athapascan languages, by James Constantine Pilling.
15. Bibliography of the Chinookan languages (including the Chinook jargon), by James Constantine Pilling.
16. Bibliography of the Salishan languages, by James Constantine Pilling
17. The Pamunkey Indians of Virginia, by Jno. Garland Pollard.
18. The Maya year, by Cyrus Thomas.
19. Bibliography of the Wakashan languages, by James Constantine Pilling
20. Chinook texts, by Franz Boas.
21. An ancient quarry in Indian Territory, by William Henry Holmes
22. The Siouan tribes of the East, by James Mooney.
23. Archeological investigations in James and Potomac Valleys, by Gerard Fowke.
24. List of the publications of the Bureau of Ethnology, with index to authors and subjects, by Frederick Webb Hodge.
25. Natick dictionary, by James Hammond Trumbull.
26. Kathlamet texts, by Franz Boas
27. Tsimshian texts, by Franz Boas.
28. Mexican and. Central American antiquities, calendar systems, and history: Twenty-four papers by Eduard Seler, E. Frstemann, Paul Schellhas, Carl Sapper, and E. P. Dieseldorff. Translated from the German under the supervision of Charles P. Bowditch.
29. Haida texts and myths: Skidegate dialect, by John R. Swanton.
30. Handbook of American Indians north of Mexico, edited by Frederick Webb Hodge.
31. List of publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology, with index to authors and titles.
32. Antiquities of the Jemez Plateau, New Mexico, by Edgar L. Hewett.
33. Skeletal remains suggesting or attributed to early man in North America, by Ales Hrdlicka.
34. Physiological and medical. observations among the Indians of southwestern United States and northern Mexico, by Ale Hrdlicka.
35. Antiquities of the upper Gila and Salt River valleys in Arizona and New Mexico, by Walter Hough.
36. List of publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology, with index to authors and titles.
37. Antiquities of central and southeastern Missouri, by Gerard Fowke.
38. Unwritten literature of Hawaii. The sacred songs of the hula collected and translated, with notes, and an account of the hula, by Nathaniel B. Emerson
39. Tlingit myths and texts, recorded by John R. Swanton
40. Handbook of American Indian languages, by Franz Boas.
41. Antiquities of the Mesa Verde National Parle Spruce-tree House, by J. Walter Fewkes.
42. Tuberculosis among certain Indian tribes of the United States, by Ales Hrdlicka.
43. Indian tribes of the lower Mississippi Valley and adjacent coast of the Gulf of Mexico, by John R. Swanton
44. Indian languages of Mexico and Central America, and their geographical distribution, by Cyrus Thomas
45. Chippewa music, by Frances Densmore.
46. A dictionary of the Choctaw language, by Cyrus Byington
47. A dictionary of the Biloxi and Ofo languages, accompanied with thirty-one Biloxi tests and numerous Biloxi phrases, by James Owen Dorsey and John R. Swanton.
48. The Choctaw of Bayou Lacomb, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, by David I. Bushnell Jr.
49. List of publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology, with index to authors and titles.
50. Preliminary report on a visit to the Navaho National Monument, Arizona, by Jesse Walter Fewkes.
51. Antiquities of the Mesa Verde National Park: Cliff Palace, by Jesse Walter Fewkes
52. Early man in South America, by Ale Hrdlicka in collaboration with William Holmes
53. Chippewa music-II, by Frances Densmore
54. Physiography of the Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico, in relation to Pueblo culture, by Edgar Lee Hewett, Junius Henderson, and Wilfred William Robbins
55. Ethnobotany of the Tewa Indians, by Wilfred William Robbins
56. Ethnozoology of the Tewa Indians, by Junius Henderson and John Peabody Harrington
57. An introduction to the study of the Maya hieroglyphs, by Sylvanus Griswold Morley
58. List of publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology, with index to authors and titles.
59. Kutenai tales, by Franz Boas; together with texts collected by Alexander Francis Chamberlain
60. Handbook of aboriginal American antiquities. Part 1. Introductory: The lithic industries, by W. H. Holmes.
61. Teton Sioux music, by Frances Densmore.
62. Physical anthropology of the Lenape or Delaware, and of the Eastern Indians in general, by Ale Hrdlicka
63. Analytical and critical bibliography of the tribes of Tierra del Fuego and adjacent territory, by John M. Cooper
64. The Maya Indians of southern Yucatan and northern British Honduras, by Thomas W. F. Gann
65. Archeological explorations in northeastern Arizona, by Alfred Vincent Kidder and Samuel J. Guernsey
66. Recent discoveries attributed to early man in America, by Ale Hrdlicka
67. Alsea text and myths, by Leo J. Frachtenberg.
68. A structural and lexical comparison of the Tunica, Chitimacha, and Atakapa languages, by John R. Swanton
69. Native villages and village sites east of the Mississippi, by David I. Bushnell, Jr.
70. Prehistoric villages, castles, and towers of southwestern Colorado, by J. Walter Fewkes
71. Native cemeteries and forms of burial east of the Mississippi, by David I. Bushnell, Jr.
71. The owl sacred pack of the Fox Indians, by Truman Michelson
73. Early history of the Creek Indians and their neighbors, by John R. Swanton
74. Excavation of a site at Santiago Ahuitzotla, D.F. Mexico, by Alfred M. Tozzer.
75. Northern Ute music, by Frances Densmore.
76. Archeological investigations. I. Cave explorations in the Ozark region of Central Missouri. II. Cave explorations in other States.
77. Villages of the Algonquian, Siouan, and Caddoan tribes west of the Mississippi, by David I. Bushnell, Jr.
78. Handbook of the Indians of California, by A. E. Kroeber.
79. Blood revenge, war, and victory feasts among the Jibaro Indians of eastern Ecuador, by Rafael Karsten
80. Mandan and Hidatsa music, by Frances Densmore
81. Excavations in the Chama Valley, New Mexico, by J. A. Jeancon
82. Archeological observations north of the Rio Colorado, by Neil M. Judd
83. Burials of the Algonquian, Siouan, and Caddoan tribes west of the Mississippi, by David I. Bushnell, Jr.
84. Vocabulary of the Kiowa Language, by John P. Harrington
85. Contributions to Fox Ethnology: Notes on the ceremonial runners of the Fox Indians; a Sauk and Fox sacred pack; a sacred pack called A'penwn'A belonging to the Thunder gens of the Fox Indians; a sacred pack called Sāgimā،kwwA belonging to the Bear gens of the Fox Indians. By Truman Michelson
86. Chippewa customs, by Frances Densmore
87. Notes on the Buffalo-head dance of the Thunder gens of the Fox Indians, by Truman Michelson
88. Myths and tales of the Southeastern Indians, by John R. Swanton
89. Observations on the Thunder, dance of the Bear gens of the Fox Indians, by Truman Michelson
90. Papago music, by Frances Densmore.
91. Additional studies of the arts, crafts, and customs of the Guiana Indians, with special reference to those of southern British Guiana, by Walter E. Roth
92. Shabik' eshchee village: A late Basket Maker site in the Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, by Frank H. H. Roberts, Jr.
93. Pawnee music, by Frances Densmore.
94. Tobacco among the Kauk Indians of California, by John P. Harrington
95. Contributions to Fox ethnology-II, by Truman Michelson
96. Early Pueblo ruins in the Piedra district, southwestern Colorado, by Frank H. H. Roberts, Jr.
97. The Kamia of Imperial Valley, by E.. W. Gifford
98. Tales of the Cochiti Indians, by Ruth Benedict
99. The Swimmer manuscript: Cherokee sacred formulas and medicinal prescriptions, by James Mooney
100. The ruins at Kiatuthlanna, eastern Arizona, by Frank H. H. Roberts
101. War ceremony and peace ceremony of the Osage Indians, by Francis La Flesche
102. Menominee music, by Frances Densmore.
103. Source material for the social and ceremonial life of the Choctaw Indians, by John R. Swanton
104. A survey of prehistoric sites in the region of Flagstaff, Arizona, by Harold S. Colton
105. Notes on the Fox WpAnōwiweni, by Truman Michelson
106. Ethnographical survey of the Miskito and Sumu Indians of Honduras and Nicaragua, by Eduard Conzemius
107. Karuk Indian myths, by John P. Harrington
108. A dictionary of the Atakapa language, accompanied by text material, by Albert S. Gatschet and John R. Swanton.
109. A dictionary of the Osage language, by Francis La Flesche
110. Yuman and Yaqui music, by Frances Densmore.
111. The village of the Great Kivas on the Zui Reservation, New Mexico; by Frank H. H. Roberts, Jr.
112. An introduction to Pawnee. archeology, by Waldo Rudolph Wedel
113. The Troyville mounds, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, by Winslow M. Walker
114. Fox miscellany, by Truman Michelson
115. Journal of Rudolph Friederich Kurz. Translated by Myrtis Jarrell.
116. Ancient caves of the Great Salt Lake region, by Julian H. Steward.
117. Historical and ethnographical material on the Jivaro Indians, by M. W. Stirling
118. Archaeological survey of the Norris Basin in eastern Tennessee, by William S. Webb.
119. Anthropological papers [numbers 1-6]
  A preliminary report on archeological explorations at Macon, Ga., by A. R. Kelly
  The northern Arapaho flat pipe and the ceremony of covering the pipe, by John G. Carter
  The Caribs of Dominica, by Douglas Taylor.
  What happened to Green Bear who was blessed with a sacred pack, by Truman Michelson
  Lemhi Shoshoni physical therapy, by Julian H. Steward
  Panatbiji΄, an Owens Valley Paiute, by Julian H. Steward
NOTE. With this bulletin the Bureau of American Ethnology inaugurated a new series of Anthropological Papers, designed as an outlet for brief articles. These papers are numbered consecutively, a bulletin being devoted to them from time to time as they accumulate. A limited edition of Anthropological Papers, is issued in separate form.
120. Basin-plateau aboriginal sociopolitical groups, by Julian H. Steward
121. Archeological remains in the Whitewater District, eastern Arizona. Part I. House types, by Frank H. H. Roberts, Jr.
122. An archaeological survey of Wheeler Basin on the Tennessee River in northern Alabama, by William S. Webb
123. Anthropological papers [numbers 7-12]
  Archeological investigation in the Corozal District of British Honduras, by Thomas and Mary Gann
  Linguistic classification of Cree and Montagnais-Naskapi dialects, by Truman Michelson
  Sedelmayr's Relacion of 1746, translated and edited by Ronald L. Ives
  Notes on the Creek Indians, by J. N. B. Hewitt
  The Yaruros of the Capanaparo River, Venezuela, by Vincenzo Petrullo
  Aroheology of Arauquin, by Vincenzo Petrullo.
124.  Nootka and Quileute music, by Frances Densmore
125. Ethnography of the Fox Indians, by William Jones
126. Archeological remains in the Whitewater District, eastern Arizona. Part II. Artifacts and burials, by Frank H. H. Roberts, Jr.
127. Linguistic material from the tribes of southern Texas and northeastern Mexico, by John R. Swanton.
128. Anthropological papers, numbers 13-18
  The mining of gems and ornamental stones by American Indians, by Sydney H. Ball
  Iroquois suicide: A study in the stability of a culture pattern, by William N. Fenton
  Tonawanda longhouse ceremonies: Ninety years after Lewis Henry Morgan, by William N. Fenton
  The Quichua-speaking Indians of the Province of Imbabura (Ecuador) and their anthropometric relations with the living populations of the Andean area, by John Gillin
  Art processes in birchbark of the River Desert Algonquin, a circumboreal trait, by Frank G. Speck
  Archeological reconnaissance of southern Utah, by Julian H. Steward
129. An archeological survey of Pickwick Basin in the adjacent portions of the States of Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, by William S. Webb and David L. DeJarnette
130. Archeological investigations at Buena Vista Lake, Kern County, California, by Waldo It. Wedel
131. Peachtree Mound and village site, Cherokee County, North Carolina, by Frank M. Setzler and Jesse D. Jennings.
132. Source material on the history and ethnology of the Caddo Indians, by John R. Swanton.
133. Anthropological papers, numbers 19-26.
  A search for songs among the Chitimacha Indians in Louisiana, by Frances Densmore
  Archeological survey on the northern Northwest Coast, by Philip Drucker.
  Some notes on a few sites in Beaufort County, South Carolina, by Regina Flannery.
  An analysis and interpretation of the ceramic remains from two , sites near Beaufort, South Carolina, by James B. Griffin
  The Eastern Cherokees, by William Harlen Gilbert, Jr.
  Aconite poison whaling in Asia and America: An Aleutian transfer to the New World, by Robert F. Heizer
  The Carrier Indians of the Bulkley River: Their social and religious life, by Diamond Jenness
  The quipu and Peruvian civilization, by John R. Swanton.
134. The native tribes of eastern Bolivia and western Matto Grosso, by Alfred Mtraux
135. Origin myth of Acoma and other records, by Matthew W. Stirling
136. Anthropological papers, numbers 27-32
  Music of the Indians of British Columbia, by Frances Densmore
  Choctaw Music, by Frances Densmore
  Some ethnological data concerning one hundred Yucatan  plants, by Morris Steggerda
  A description of thirty towns in Yucatan, Mexico, by Morris Steggerda
  Some western Shoshoni myths, by Julian H. Steward.
  New material from Acoma, by Leslie A. White.
137. The Indians of the Southeastern United States, by John R. Swanton
138. Stone monuments of southern Mexico, by Matthew W. Stirling.
139. An introduction to the ceramics of Tres Zapotes, Veracruz, Mexico, by O. W. Weiant.
140. Ceramic sequences at Tres Zapotes, Veracruz, Mexico, by Philip Drucker
141. Ceramic stratigraphy at Cerro de las Mesas, Veracruz, Mexico, by Philip Drucker
142. The contemporary culture of the Chita Indians, by Ralph L. Beals
143. Handbook of South American Indians. Julian H. Steward
144. The Northern and Central Nootkan tribes, by Philip Drucker
145. Indian tribes of North America, by John R. Swanton
146. Chippewa child life and its cultural background, by Sister M. Inez Hilger
147. Journal of an expedition to the Mauvaises Terres and the Upper Missouri in 1850, by Thaddeus A. Culbertson
148. Arapaho child life and its cultural background, by Sister M. Inez Hilger
149. Symposium on local diversity in Iroquois culture, edited by William N. Fenton
150. The modal personality structure of the Tuscarora Indians as revealed by the Rorschach test, by Anthony C. Wallace
151. Anthropological papers, numbers 33-42
  The Crow Nation, by Edwin Thompson Denig
  The water lily in Maya art: a complex of alleged Asiatic origin, by Robert L. Rands
  The medicine bundles of the Florida Seminole and the Green Corn Dance, by Louis Capron
  Technique in the music of the American Indian, by Frances Densmore
  Aboriginal fish poisons, by Robert F. Heizer
  Aboriginal navigation off the coasts of Upper and Baja California, by Robert F. Heizer and William C. Massey
  Exploration of an Adena Mound at Natrium, West Virginia, by Ralph S. Solecki
  The Wind River Shoshone Sun Dance, by D. B. Shimkin
  Current trends in the Wind River Shoshone Sun Dance, by Fred W. Voget
152.  Index to Schoolcraft's "Indian tribes of the United States, compiled by Frances S. Nichols
153.  La Venta, Tabasco: a study of Olmec ceramics and art, by Philip Drucker
154. River Basin Surveys Papers, Nos. 1-6
  Prehistory and the Missouri Valley development program: summary report on the Missouri River Basin archeological survey in 1948, by Waldo R. Wedel
  Prehistory and the Missouri Valley development program: summary report on the Missouri River Basin archeological survey in 1949, by Waldo R. Wedel
  The Woodruff ossuary, a prehistory burial site in Phillips County, Kansas, by Marvin F. Kivett.
  The Addicks dam site
  The Hodges site
  The Rembert mounds
155. Prehistoric settlement patterns in the Vir Valley, Peru, by Gordon R. Willey
156. The Iroquois Eagle Dance, an offshoot of the Calumet Dance, by William N. Fenton
157. Anthropological papers, numbers 43-48
  Stone monuments of the Rio Chiquito, Veracruz, Mexico, by Matthew W. Stirling
  The Cero de las Mesas offering of jade and other materials, by Philip Drucker
  Archeological materials from the vicinity of Mobridge, South Dakota, by Waldo R. Wedel.
  Original Strachey vocabulary of the Virginia Indian language, by John P. Harrington.
  Sun Dance of the Northern Ute, by J. A. Jones
  Some manifestations of water in Mesoamerican art, by Robert L. Rands
158. River Basin Papers, No.7: Archeological investigations in tho Oahe Dam area, South Dakota, 1950-51, by Donald J. Lehmer.
159. The horse in Blackfoot Indian culture, with comparative material from other western tribes, by John C. Ewers
160. A ceramic study off Virginia archeology, by Clifford Evans
161. Seminole music, by Frances Densmore.
162. Guaym grammar, by Ephraim S. Alphonse
163. The Dn: Origin myths of the Navaho Indians, by Aileen O'Bryan.
164. Anthropological papers, numbers 49-56
  The Ormond Beach Mound, East Central Florida, by Jesse D. Jennings
  Hair pipes in Plains Indian adornment, a study in Indian and White ingenuity, by John C. Ewers.
  Observations on some nineteenth-century pottery vessels from the Upper Missouri, by Waldo R. Wedel.
  Revaluation of the Eastern Siouan problem, with particular emphasis on the Virginia branches--the Occaneechi the Saponi, and the Tutelo, by Carl F. Miller
   Archeological reconnaissance of Tabasco and Campeche, by Matthew W. Stirling
  Valladolid Maya enumeration, by John P. Harrington
  Letters to Jack Wilson, the Paiute Prophet, written between 1908 and 1911, edited and with an introduction by Grace M. Dangberg.
  Factionalism at Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, by William N. Fenton.
165. Music of Acoma, Isleta, Cochiti, and Zui Pueblos, by Frances Densmore
166. Surveys Papers, No.8: Excavations in the McNary Reservoir Basin Umatilla, Oregon, by Douglas Osborne.
167. Archeological investigations at the mouth of the Amazon, by Betty J. Meggers and Clifford Evans.

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List of Publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology, 1956 and 1971

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