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Wyandot Indian Genealogy


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The Wyandot tribe was anciently divided into twelve clans, or gentes. Each of these had a local government, consisting of a clan council presided over by a clan chief. These clan councils were composed of at least five persons, one man and four women, and they might contain any number of women above four. Any business pertaining purely to the internal affairs of the clans was carried to the clan councils for settlement. An appeal was allowed from the clan council to the tribal council. The four women of the clan council regulated the clan affairs and selected the clan chief. The office of clan chief was in a measure hereditary, although not wholly so. The tribal council was composed of the clan chiefs, the hereditary sachem, and such other men of the tribe of renown as the sachem might with the consent of the tribal council call to the council fire. In determining a question the vote was by clans, and not by individuals. In matters of great importance it required a unanimous vote to carry a proposition.

Wyandot History

Wyandot Indian Treaties

Treaty With The Wyandot, Etc., January 21, 1785
Treaty With The Wyandot, Etc., January 9, 1789
Treaty With The Wyandot, Etc., August 3, 1795
Treaty With The Eel River, Etc., August 7, 1803
Treaty With The Wyandot, Etc., July 4, 1805
Treaty With The Ottawa, Etc., November 17, 1807
Treaty With The Chippewa, Etc., November 25. 1808
Treaty with the Wyandot, July 22, 1814
Treaty With The Wyandot, Etc., September 8, 1815
Treaty with the Wyandot, September 29, 1817
Land Schedule
Treaty With The Wyandot, Etc. September 17, 1818
Treaty with the Wyandot, September 20, 1818
Treaty with The Wyandot, January 19, 1832
Treaty with the Wyandot, April 23, 1836
Treaty with the Wyandot, March 17, 1842
Agreement With The Delawares And Wyandot, 1843
Treaty With The Wyandot, April 1, 1850
Treaty With The Wyandot, January 31, 1855
Treaty With The Seneca, Mixed Seneca And Shawnee, Quapaw, Etc., February 23, 1867

Wyandot of Kansas

Wyandot Indian Chiefs

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