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Sioux Indian Tribe

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Sioux Indian Genealogy

Siouan Family. The most populous linguistic family North of Mexico, next to the Algonquian. The name is taken from a 'term applied to the largest and best known tribal group or confederacy belonging to the family, the Sioux or Dakota, which, in turn, is an abbreviation of Nadowessioux, a French corruption of Nadowe-is-iw, the appellation given them by the Chippewa. It signifies 'snake,' 'adder,' and, by metaphor, 'enemy.' See Dakota.
     Before changes of domicile took place among them, resulting from contact with whites, the principal body extended from the west bank of the Mississippi northward from the Arkansas nearly to the Rocky Mountains, except for certain sections held by the Pawnee, Arikara, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Blackfeet, Comanche, and Kiowa. The Dakota proper also occupied territory on the east side of the river, from the mouth of the Wisconsin to Mille Lacs, and the Winnebago were about the lake of that name and the head of Green bay. Northward Siouan tribes extended some distance into Canada, in the direction of Lake Winnipeg. A second group of Siouan tribes, embracing the Catawba, Sara or Cheraw, Saponi, Tutelo, and several others, occupied the central part of North Carolina and South Carolina and the piedmont region of Virginia (see Mooney, Siouan Tribes of the East, Bull. B. A. E., 1894), while the Biloxi dwelt in Mississippi along the Gulf coast, and the Ofo on Yazoo river in the same state. Read more...

1910 Sioux Census ~ New Jersey

Sioux Indian Treaties

Treaty With The Sioux, Sept. 23, 1805
Treaty with the Yankton Sioux, July 19, 1815
Treaty With The Teton, July 19, 1815
Treaty with the Sioux of St. Peter's River, July 19, 1815
Treaty with the Sioux Of The Lakes, July 19, 1815
Treaty with the Sioux, June 1, 1816
Treaty with the Teton, June 22, 1825
Treaty with the Sioune and Oglala Tribes, July 5, 1825
Treaty with the Hunkpapa Band of the Sioux Tribe, July 16, 1825
Treaty with the Sioux, August 19, 1825
Treaty With The Sauk And Foxes, Etc., July 15, 1830  Medawah-Kanton, Wahpacoota, Wahpeton, Sissetong [Sisseton], Yanckton [Yancton] and Santie Bands
Treaty With The Sioux, September 10, 1836
Treaty with the Sioux, November 30, 1836
Treaty with the Sioux, September 29, 1837
Treaty with the Yankton Sioux, October 21, 1837
Treaty of Fort Laramie with Sioux, September 17, 1851
Treaty With The Sioux—Sisseton And Wahpeton Bands, July 23, 1851
Treaty With The Sioux, Mdewakanton And Wahpakoota Bands, August 5, 1851
Treaty With The Sioux, June 19, 1858  - Mendawakanton and Wahpahoota Bands
Treaty With The Sioux, June 19, 1858  - Sisseeton and Wahpaton Bands
Treaty With The Yankton Sioux, April 19, 1858
Treaty With The Blackfeet Sioux, October 19, 1865
Treaty with the Sioux-Miniconjou Band October 10, 1865
Treaty with the Sioux-Lower Brulé Band, October 14, 1865
Treaty With The Sioux, Two-Kettle Band, October 19, 1865
Treaty With The Sioux, Sans Arcs Band, October 20, 1865
Treaty With The Sioux, Hunkpapa Band, October 20, 1865 (Also Onkpahpah)
Treaty With The Sioux, October 20, Yanktonai Band, 1865
Treaty With The Sioux, October 28, Upper Yanktonai Band, 1865
Treaty With The Sioux, Oglala Band, October 28, 1865 (Also Ogallala; O'Galla)
Treaty with the Sioux-Sisseton and Wahpeton Bands, February 19, 1867
Treaty With The Sioux Burlé, Ogalala, Miniconjou, Yanktonai, Hunkpapa, Blackfeet, Cuthead, Two Kettle, Sans Arcs, Santee and Arapaho, April 29, 1868
Agreement With The Sisseton And Wahpeton Bands Of Sioux Indians, September 20, 1872
Amended Agreement With Certain Sioux Indians, May 2, 1873
Agreement With The Sioux Of Various Tribes, October 17, 1882-January 3, 1883

Native American Land Patents
A listing by state and tribe for Land Patents issued by the
government to Native Americans

Sioux Mailing List

1889 Mdewakanton Sioux Census

A Brief History of the Indians of Nebraska
This includes Omaha, Pawnee, Otoe, Sac, Fox, Winnebago, Santee Sioux

Handbook of American Indian, Hodge
Siouan Family
Brulé Sioux
Hunkpapa Sioux
Mdewakanton Sioux
Oglala Sioux
Oohenonpa Sioux
San Arcs Sioux
Sisseton Sioux
Teton Sioux
Two Kettles
Wahpeton Sioux
Wahpekute Sioux
Yanktonai Sioux

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