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Shawnee Indian Tribe

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Shawnee Indian Genealogy

Shawnee (from shawŭn, 'south'; shawŭnogi, 'southerners.' W. J.).
     Formerly a leading tribe of South Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. By reason of the indefinite character of their name, their wandering habits, their connection with other tribes, and because of their interior position away from the traveled routes of early days, the Shawnee were long a stumbling block in the way of investigators. Attempts have been made to identify them with the Massawomec of Smith, the Erie of the early Jesuits, and the Andaste of a somewhat later period, while it has also been claimed that they originally formed one tribe with the Sauk and Foxes. None of these theories, however, rests upon sound evidence, and all have been abandoned. Linguistically the Shawnee belongs to the group of Central Algonquian dialects, and is very closely related to Sauk-Fox. The name "Savanoos," applied by the early Dutch writers to the Indians living upon the north bank of Delaware river, in New Jersey, did not refer to the Shawnee, and was evidently not a proper tribal designation, but merely the collective term, "southerners," for those tribes southward from Manhattan island, just as Wappanoos, "easterners," was the collective term for those living toward the east. Evelin, who wrote about 1646, gives the names of the different small bands in the south part of New Jersey, while Ruttenber names those in the north, but neither mentions the Shawnee. Read more...

1871 Shawnee Census
Register of the names of members of the Shawnee Tribe of Indians who have moved to and located in the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, (prior to the 10th day of June, 1871).

Shawnee Indian Treaties

Treaty With The Shawnee, January 31, 1786
Treaty With The Wyandot, Etc., August 3, 1795
Treaty With The Delawares, Etc., June 7, 1803
Treaty With The Wyandot, Etc., 1805
Treaty With The Chippewa, Etc., November 25. 1808
Treaty with the Wyandot Etc., July 22, 1814
Treaty With The Wyandot, Etc., September 8, 1815
Treaty With The Wyandot, Etc. September 29, 1817
Treaty With The Wyandot, Etc. September 17, 1818
Treaty with the Shawnee, November 7, 1825
Treaty with the Seneca, July 20, 1831
Treaty With The Shawnee, August 8, 1831
Treaty with the Shawnee, Etc. October 26, 1832
Treaty with the Seneca and Shawnee, December 29, 1832
Treaty With The Shawnee, May 10, 1854
Agreement With The Cherokee and other Tribes in The Indian Territory, September 13, 1865
Treaty With The Seneca, Mixed Seneca And Shawnee, Quapaw, Etc., February 23, 1867

Native American Land Patents
A listing by state and tribe for Land Patents issued by the government to Native Americans

Shawnee Indians of Kansas

Handbook of American Indian, Hodge
Shawnee History
Shawnee Divisions
Shawnee Villages
Shawnee Chiefs

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Tennessee Indian History

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