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Otoe Indian Tribe

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Oto (from Wat`ota, 'lechers'). One of the three Siouan tribes forming the Chiwere group, the others being the Iowa and Missouri. The languages differ but, slightly. The earliest reference to this tribe is found in the tradition which relates to the separation of the Chiwere group from the Winnebago. This tradition is given by Maximilian, who states that it was communicated to Maj. Bean, the Indian agent, by an old Oto chief. He related that, before the arrival of the whites a large band of Indians, the Hotonga ('fish-eaters'), who inhabited the lakes, migrated to the southwest in pursuit of buffalo. At Green Bay, Wis., they divided, the part called by the whites Winnebago remaining, while the rest continued the journey until they reached the Mississippi at the mouth of Iowa river, where they encamped on the sand beach and again divided, one band, the Iowa, concluding to remain there, and the rest continuing their travels reached the Missouri at the mouth of Grand river. These gave themselves the name of Neutache (`those that arrive at the mouth'), but were called Missouri by the whites. The two chiefs, on account of the seduction of the daughter of one by the son of the other, quarreled and separated one from the other. The division led by the father of the seducer became known as Waghtochtatta, or Oto, and moved farther up the Missouri. While the Winnebago settled in Wisconsin, the Iowa, after they ceded to the United States all the lands on which they first settled, moved west between Missouri river and the Little Platte. The Missouri, having been unfortunate in a war with the Osage, divided, and a part of them lived with the Iowa and a part with the Oto. The Oto continued up the Missouri until they crossed the Big Platte and lived for some time a short distance above its mouth; later they resided on Platte river, about 80 miles by water from the Missouri. Read more...

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This includes Omaha, Pawnee, Otoe, Sac, Fox, Winnebago, Santee Sioux

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