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Munsee Indian Tribe


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Munsee Indian Genealogy

Munsee (Min-asin-ink, 'at the place where stones are gathered together. Hewitt). One of tile three principal divisions of the Delawares, the others being the Unami and Unalachtigo, from whom their dialect differed so much that they have frequently been regarded as a distinct tribe. According to Morgan they have the same three gentes as the Delawares proper, viz, Wolf (Tookseat ), Turtle (Pokekooungo), and Turkey (Pullaook). Brinton says these were totemic designations for the three geographic divisions of the Delawares and had no reference to gentes (see Delaware). However this may be, the Wolf has commonly been regarded as the totem of the Munsee, who have frequently been called the Wolf tribe of the Delawares. Read more...

Moravian Munsee of Kansas

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