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Kansas Tribal Indian Genealogy

Kansa. A southwestern Siouan tribe; one of the five, according to Dorsey's arrangement, of the Dhegiha group. Their linguistic relations are closest with the Osage, and are close with the Quapaw. In the traditional migration of the group, after the Quapaw had first separated there from, the main body divided at the month of Osage river, the Osage moving up that stream and the Omaha and Ponca crossing Missouri river and proceeding northward, while the Kansa ascended the Missouri on the south side to the mouth of Kansas river. Here a brief halt was made, after which they ascended the Missouri on the south side until they reached the present north boundary of Kansas, where they were attacked by the Cheyenne and compelled to retrace their steps. They settled again at the month of Kansas river, where the Big Knives, as they called the whites, came with gifts and induced them to go farther west. The native narrators of this tradition give an account of about 20 villages occupied successively along Kansas river before the settlement at Council Grove, Kansas, whence they were finally removed to their reservation in Indian Territory. Marquette's autograph map, drawn probably as early as 1674, places the Kansa a considerable distance directly west of the Osage and some distance south of the Omaha, indicating that they were then out Kansas river.

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