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Creek Indian Tribe

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Creek Indian Genealogy

Tribal Pages
A listing of all the Creek resources we could find by searching the Web for you. 

Creek, A confederacy forming the largest division of the Muskhogean family.  They received their name form the English on account of the numerous streams in their country.  During early historic times the Creek occupied the greater portion of Alabama and Georgia, residing chiefly on Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers, the two largest tributaries of the Alabama river and on the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers.  They claimed the territory on the east from the Savannah to St. Johns river and all the islands, thence to Apalachee Bay, and from this line northward to the mountains. The south portion of this territory was held by dispossession of the earlier Florida tribes. They sold to Great Britain at an early date their territory between Savannah and Ogeechee rivers, all the coast to St Johns river, and all the islands up to tidewater, reserving for themselves St Catherine, Sapelo, and Ossabaw Ilands, and from Pipemakers Bluff to Savannah (Morse, N. Am., 218, 1776). Thus occupying a leading position among the Muskhogean tribes the Creeks were sufficiently numerous and powerful to resist attacks from the northern tribes, as the Catawba, Iroquois, Shawnee, and Cherokee, after they had united in a confederacy, which they did at an early day. The dominating tribes at the time of the confederation seem to have been the Abihka (or Kusa), Kasihta, Kawita, Oakfuskee, and some other tribe or tribes at the junction of Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers. Nothing certain can be said of their previous condition, or of the time when the confederacy was established, but it appears from the narratives of De Soto's expedition that leagues among several of these towns existed in 1540, over which head chiefs presided.

Native American Land Patents
A listing by state and tribe for Land Patents issued by the government to Native Americans

Creek Indian Treaties

Treaty With The Creeks, August 7, 1790
Treaty With The Creeks, June 29, 1796
Treaty With The Creeks, June 16, 1802
Treaty With The Creeks, 1805
Treaty With The Creeks, 1814
Treaty with the Creeks, January 22, 1818
Treaty with the Creeks, January 8, 1821
Treaty with the Creeks, January 8, 1821 (2)
Treaty with the Creeks, February 12, 1825
Agreement With The Creeks, 1825
Treaty with the Creeks, Jan. 24, 1826
Treaty with the Creeks, Nov. 15, 1827
Treaty With The Creeks, 1832
Treaty With The Creeks, 1833
Treaty With The Comanche, Etc., August 24, 1835
Treaty With The Creeks, November 23, 1838
Treaty with the Creeks and Seminole, January 4, 1845
Treaty With The Creeks, June 13, 1854
Treaty With The Creeks, 1856
Agreement With The Cherokee and other Tribes in The Indian Territory, September 13, 1865
Treaty with the Creeks, June 14, 1866

South East Native American Research
How to research South East Native Americans, compiled by Jackie Matte, author of "They Say the Wind is Red"

Notes on the Creek
A look at the way life used to be in the Creek Nation.  Subjects covered: Marriage, Crimes, Government, Education, and many more.

1896 Applications
Applications from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Muskogee Area Office, Relating to the Enrollment of the Five Civilized Tribes under the Act of 1896.  Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek and Chickasaw
Index to the Final Rolls ~ Database
Dawes is a list of those members of the Five Civilized Tribes who removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) during the 1800's and were living there during 1898-1914. Our data base provides the reader with the most comprehensive listing available on the web.
Index to Final Rolls
Some Names on the 1832 Creek Census

Creek Surnames
A mailing list for any one researching Creek roots

Creek SE
Mailing list for anyone researching South East Creek ancestry

Handbook of American Indian, Hodge
Creek History
Creek Clans
Creek Towns
Cheek Chiefs
Other Creek Tribes

Post a Creek Query

Indian Tribes of North America, Swanton
Creek Confederacy

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