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Choctaw Indian Tribe

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Choctaw Indian Genealogy

Tribal Pages
A listing of all the Choctaw resources we could find by searching the Web for you.

Choctaw (possibly a corruption of the Spanish chcdu, 'flat' or 'flattened,' alluding to the custom of these Indians of flattening the head).    An important tribe of the Muskhogean stock, formerly occupying middle and south Mississippi, their territory extending, in their most flourishing days, for some distance east of Tombigbee River, probably as far as Dallas County, Ga. Ethnically they belong to the Choctaw branch of the Muskhogean family, which included the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Hunt and their allies, and some small tribes which formerly lived along Yazoo River. The dialects of the members of this branch are so closely related that they nay be considered as practically identical (Gatschet, Creek Migr. Leg.,1,53,1884). Read more...

Armstrong Roll
The location of Reservations under The Choctaw Treaty of the 27th of September, 1830. Communicated To The Senate April 11, 1834. The three districts surveyed are Nitachacha, Mushulatubbe and Laflore .

Native American Land Patents
A listing by state and tribe for Land Patents issued by the government to Native Americans

Choctaw Indian Treaties

Treaty With The Choctaw, January 3, 1786
Treaty With The Choctaw, October 17, 1801
Treaty With The Choctaw, October 17, 1802
Treaty With The Choctaw, August 31, 1803 1803
Treaty With The Choctaw, November 16, 1805
Treaty with the Choctaw, October 24, 1816
Treaty with the Choctaw, October 18, 1820
Treaty with the Choctaw, January 20, 1825
Treaty With The Choctaw, September 27, 1830
Treaty With The Comanche, Etc., August 24, 1835
Treaty With The Choctaw And Chickasaw, January 17, 1837
Treaty With The Choctaw And Chickasaw, November 4, 1854
Treaty With The Choctaw And Chickasaw, June 22, 1855
Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, September 27, 1870
Supplementary Articles to Treaty
Act for Allotment of Lands
Agreement With The Cherokee and other Tribes in The Indian Territory, September 13, 1865
Treaty With The Comanche And Kiowa, October 18, 1865
Treaty with the Choctaw and Chickasaw, April 28, 1866

South East Native American Research
How to research South East Native Americans, compiled by Jackie Matte, author of "They Say the Wind is Red"

South East American Indian Research
Written by Jackie Matte author of
"They Say the Wind is Red"

How to Search
A comprehensive guide for searching
Native American Rolls

Identified Mississippi Choctaw 1902
List of persons whose names appear on Identification Roll of Mississippi Choctaws under the provisions of the Act of June 28, 1898.
Society of Mississippi Choctaw 1914
From the National Archives and  the list was posted in the newspaper in Biloxi/Gulfport, Mississippi in November of 1935.  Attempts have been made to establish just what this Society is, but to date we have not obtained that information.
Society of Mississippi Choctaw 1916
A partial list of Mississippi Choctaw "claimants" .
Mississippi Choctaw Claimants 1933
Full-blood Choctaw Indians, all residing in the State of Mississippi
Cooper Rolls
Census Roll of Choctaw Families residing East of the Mississippi River and in the States of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama, 1855.
McKennon Roll 1899
The Indians identified by the Commission on the roll reported March 10, 1899.
Reeves Report
Report of John T. Reeves, Special Supervisor, on need of additional Land and School Facilities for the Indians living in the State of Mississippi.
HaCubbee Band Muster Roll
Muster roll of a party of immigrant Choctaw Indians of the Ha Cubbees
Band who arrived at Fort Coffee, in the Choctaw Nation West, on the 23 of June 1847
Big Black River Band Muster Roll
Muster roll of a party on immigrant Choctaw Indians, known as the Big
Black River Band who arrived at Fort Coffee, in the Choctaw Nation
West on the 10th of June 1847.
Choctaw of Bayou Lacomb Louisiana
Complete book on line
Sketches of the South-West and Life Among the Choctaw Indian
Manuscript written by Henry C. Benson was one of the first attempts to bring forth a history of the southwest Indians.

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Choctaw Surnames
Mailing list for any one researching their Choctaw Roots

Handbook of American Indians, Hodge
Choctaw History
Choctaw Dialect
Choctaw Phratries
Choctaw Villages
Choctaw Chiefs

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