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Cherokee Indian Tribe

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Tribal Pages
A listing of all the Cherokee resources we could find by searching the Web for you. 

Native American Land Patents
A listing by state and tribe for Land Patents issued by the government to Native Americans

Cherokee Indian Treaties

Treaty With The Cherokee, November 28, 1785
Treaty With The Cherokee, July 2, 1791
Treaty With The Cherokee, June 26, 1794
Treaty With The Cherokee, October 2, 1798
Treaty With The Cherokee, October 24, 1804
Treaty With the Cherokee, October 25, 1805
Treaty With the Cherokee, October 27, 1805
Treaty With the Cherokee, January 7, 1806
Elucidation of a Convention, September 1807
Treaty With The Wyandot, Etc., September 8, 1815
Treaty with the Cherokee, March 22, 1816
Treaty with the Cherokee, March 22, 1816
Treaty with the Cherokee, September 14, 1816
Treaty With The Cherokee, July 8, 1817
Treaty with the Cherokee, February 27, 1819
Reservations for Tribal Members
Treaty with the Western Cherokee, May 6, 1828
Treaty with the Western Cherokee, February 14, 1833
Agreement With The Cherokee, March 14, 1835
Treaty With The Comanche, Etc., August 24, 1835
Treaty With The Cherokee, December 29, 1835
Agreement With the Cherokee, 1835
Treaty with the Cherokee, August 6, 1846
Agreement With The Cherokee and other Tribes in The Indian Territory, September 13, 1865
Treaty With the Cherokee, July 19, 1866
Treaty With The Cherokee, August 27, 1868

Index to the Old Settler Roll 1817
Cherokees still living in 1851, who were already residing in Oklahoma.
Index to the Reservation Roll 1817
A listing of those who received a 640 tract of land in the east, in lieu of removing to Arkansas.
1896 Applications
Applications from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Muskogee Area Office, Relating to the Enrollment of the Five Civilized Tribes under the Act of 1896.
Index to the Final Rolls ~ Database
Dawes is a list of those members of the Five Civilized Tribes who removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) during the 1800's and were living there during 1898-1914. Our data base provides the reader with the most comprehensive listing available on the web.
Index to Final Rolls
Cherokee of the Smokey Mountains
The Cherokees are of Iroquoian stock or affinity, and apparently of northern origin. At some remote period they migrated southwestward along a route long afterward followed by the first white settlers of western Virginia and Carolina.  Complete book on line.
Cherokee Bio's ~ Emmet Starr
with links added to the Cherokee Genealogies
Cherokee Genealogy ~ Emmet Starr
By Emmet Starr, Genealogy section
1835 Cherokee East of the Mississippi Census Index
1880 Cherokee Census
This is a transcription of the index for Schedule One and will include all nine districts.
Index to Guion Miller Roll
Index to Wallace Roll
Database from the roll, easy search
Index to Kern Clifton Roll
Database from the roll, easy search

How to Search
A guide to searching the Native American Rolls.

Proposals Made by certain Cherokee Indians, for the Cession of their Lands to the United States

Cherokee Surnames
A mailing list for any one researching their Cherokee Ancestors

Cherokee Settlements
Cherokee History
Cherokee Chiefs

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