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Arapaho Indian Tribe

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A listing of all the Arapaho resources we found on the Web.
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Arapaho. An important Plains tribe of the great Algonquian family, closely associated with the Cheyenne for at least a century past. They call themselves Iņunaina, about equivalent to 'our people.' The name by which they are commonly known is of uncertain derivation, but it may possibly be, as Dunbar suggests, from the Pawnee tirapihu or larapihu, 'trader.' By the Sioux and Cheyenne they are called "Blue-sky men" or "Cloud men," the reason for which is unknown. Read more...

Among the Arapahoe
Magazine about Black Coal an Arapahoe Chief

Native American Land Patents
A listing by state and tribe for Land Patents issued by the government to Native Americans

Arapaho History
Arapaho Indian Tribal Divisions

Arapaho Chiefs and Leaders
Little Raven

Post an Arapaho Query

Arapaho of Kansas

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