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Abenaki Indian Tribe

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A listing of all the Abenaki resources we found on the Web. These pages are provided Free for you Native American Research. 

     The history of the Abnaki may be said to begin with Verrazano visit in 1524. The mythical accounts of Norumbega of the early writers and navigators finally dwindled , a village of a few bark covered huts under the name Agguncia, situated near the mouth of Penobscot River, in the country of the Abnaki in 1604 Champlain ascend the Penobscot to the vicinity of the present Bangor, and met the "lord" of Norumbega, doubtless an Abnaki chief. From that time the Abnaki formed an important factor in the history of the region now embraced in the state of Maine. From the time of their discovery until their partial withdrawal to Canada they occupied the general region from the St Johns to the Saco; but the earliest English accounts indicate that about 1605-20 the southwest part of the coast of Maine was occupied by other Indians whose chief seat was near Pemaquid, and who were at war with the Abnaki, or Tarrateen, as the English termed them, who were more to the north; but these other tribes were finally conquered by the Abnaki and probably absorbed by then. Who these Indians were is unknown. The Abnaki formed an early attachment for the French, chiefly through the influence of their missionaries, and carried on an almost constant war with the English until the fall of the French power in America. The accounts of these struggles during the settlement of Maine are familiar episodes in American history. As the whites encroached on them the Abnaki gradually withdrew to Canada and settled chiefly at Bcancour and Sillery, the latter being afterward abandoned by them for St Francis, near Pierreville, Quebec. Read more...

The Town Register, Fryburg, Maine
The Sokokis Indians were considered the
parent tribe of the Abenaki Nation

Abenaki Indian History
Abenaki History ~ by Henry Hodge

Abenaki History
Abenaki History ~
By Henry R. Schoolcraft

Abenaki Indian Chiefs
(Pierre Paul)

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