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Indian Tribes of Saskatchewan

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Ahtahkakoop Band of the Cree Nations
P.O. Box 220
Shell Lake, Saskatchewan
S0J 2G0

(306) 4682326

Muskoday First Nation

Beardy's & Okemasis First Nation
Box 340
Duck Lake, Saskatchewan
(306) 4674523
Muskowekwan First Nation
P.O. Box 249
Lestock, Saskatchewan
S0A 2G0

(306) 2742061
Big River First Nation
P.O. Box 519
Debden, Saskatchewan
S0J 0S0
(306) 7244700
Nekaneet First Nation
Nekaneet First Nation
P.O. Box 548
Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
S0N 1N0
(306) 6623660
Birch Narrows First Nation
General Delivery
Turnor Lake, Saskatchewan
S0M 3E0

(306) 8942030
Ocean Man First Nation
P.O. Box 157
Stoughton, Saskatchewan
S0G 4T0
(306) 4572679
Black Lake Denesuline Nation
General Delivery
Black Lake, Saskatchewan
S0J 0H0
(306) 2842044
Ochapowace First Nation
P.O. Box 550
Whitewood, Saskatchewan
S0G 5C0
(306) 6962425
Buffalo River
General Delivery
Dillon, Saskatchewan
S0M 0S0

(306) 2822033
Okanese First Nation
P.O. Box 759
Balcarres, Saskatchewan
S0G 0C0
(306) 3342532
Canoe Lake Cree Nation
General Delivery
Canoe Narrows, Saskatchewan
S0M 0K0

(306) 8292150
One Arrow First Nation

Carry the Kettle Nakota First Nation
P.O. Box 57
Sintaluta, Saskatchewan
S0G 4N0

Onion Lake First Nation
P.O. Box 100
Onion Lake, Saskatchewan
S0M 2E0
(306) 8472200
Clearwater River Dene
P.O. Box 389
La Loche, Saskatchewan
S0M 1G0

(306) 8222021
Peepeekisis First Nation
Peepeekisis First Nation
P.O. Box 518
Balcarres, Saskatchewan
S0G 0C0
(306) 3342573
Cote First Nation
P.O. Box 1859
Kamsack, Saskatchewan
S0A 1S0

Ph.: (306) 5422694
Pelican Lake First Nation
P.O. Box 399
Leoville, Saskatchewan
S0J 1N0

(306) 9842313
Cowessess First Nation
P.O. Box 100
Cowessess, Saskatchewan
S0G 5L0
(306) 6962520
Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation
P.O. Box 2320
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
S6V 6Z1

(306) 9534400
Cumberland House Cree Nation
P.O. Box 220
Cumberland House, Saskatchewan
S0E 0S0
(306) 8882226
Pheasant Rump Nakota Nation
P.O. Box 238
Kisbey, Saskatchewan
S0C 1L0
(306) 4622002
Day Star First Nation
P.O. Box 277
Punnichy, Saskatchewan
S0A 3C0
(306) 8352834
Piapot First Nation
General Delivery
Zehner, Saskatchewan
S0G 5K0
(306) 7814848
English River First Nation
General Delivery
Patuanak, Saskatchewan
S0M 2H0

(306) 3962066
Poundmaker Cree Nation
P.O. Box 220
Paynton, Saskatchewan
S0M 2J0
(306) 3984971
Flying Dust First Nation
8001 Flying Dust Reserve
Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
S9X 1T8

Ph.: (306) 2364437
Red Earth First Nation
P.O. Box 109
Red Earth, Saskatchewan
S0E 1K0

(306) 7683640
Fishing Lake First Nation
P.O. Box 508
Wadena, Saskatchewan
S0A 4J0

(306) 3383838
Red Pheasant First Nation
P.O. Box 70
Cando, Saskatchewan
S0K 0V0
(306) 9377717
Fond Du Lac Denesuline Nation
P.O. Box 211
Fond Du Lac, Saskatchewan
S0J 0W0
(306) 6862102
Sakimay First Nation
P.O. Box 339
Grenfell, Saskatchewan
S0G 2B0

(306) 6972831
Gordon First Nation
P.O. Box 248
Punnichy, Saskatchewan
S0A 3C0

(306) 8352232
Saulteaux First Nation
P.O. Box 159
Cochin, Saskatchewan
S0M 0L0

(306) 3862424
Hatchet Lake Denesuline Nation
General Delivery
Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan
S0J 3C0

 (306) 6332003
Shoal Lake Band of the Cree Nation
P.O. Box 51
Pakwaw Lake, Saskatchewan
S0E 1G0
(306) 7683551
James Smith Cree Nation
P.O. Box 1059
Melfort, Saskatchewan
S0E 1A0
(306) 8643636
Standing Buffalo First Nation
P.O. Box 128
Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan
S0G 1S0
(306) 3324685
Kahkewistahaw First Nation
P.O. Box 609
Broadview, Saskatchewan
S0G 0K0

(306) 6963291
Star Blanket Cree Nation
Star Blanket Cree Nation
P.O. Box 456
Balcarres, Saskatchewan
S0G 0C0
(306) 3342206
Keeseekoose First Nation
P.O. Box 1120
Kamsack, Saskatchewan
S0A 1S0

(306) 5422012
Sturgeon Lake First Nation
Box 5, Site 12, R.R.#1
Shellbrook, Saskatchewan
S0J 2E0

(306) 7641872

Key First Nation
P.O. Box 70
Norquay, Saskatchewan
S0A 2V0
(306) 594-2020

Sweetgrass First Nation
Sweetgrass First Nation
P.O. Box 147
Gallivan, Saskatchewan
S0M 0X0
(306) 9372990
Kinistin First Nation Thunderchild First Nation
Thunderchild First Nation
P.O. Box 600
Turtleford, Saskatchewan
S0M 2Y0
(306) 8453424
Lac La Ronge First Nation
P.O. Box 480
La Ronge, Saskatchewan
S0J 1L0
(306) 4252183
Wahpeton Dakota Nation
P.O. Box 128
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
S6V 5R4
(306) 7646649
Little Black Bear's First Nation
P.O. Box 238
Goodeve, Saskatchewan
S0A 1C0
(306) 3342269
Whitecap Dakota/Sioux First Nation
Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation
P.O. Box 340
Loon Lake, Saskatchewan
S0M 1L0
(306) 8372150
White Bear First Nation
P.O. Box 700
Carlyle, Saskatchewan
S0G 0R0
(306) 5772461
Mistawasis First Nation Witchekan First Nation
Mosquito Grizzly Bear's Head First Nation
P.O. Box 177
Cando, Saskatchewan
S0K 0V0

(306) 9377707
Wood Mountain First Nation
P.O. Box 104
Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan
S0H 4L0
(306) 2664420
Muscowpetung First Nation
P.O. Box 1310
Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan
S0G 1S0
Ph.: (306) 7234747
Yellow Quill First Nation
Box 40
Yellow Quill, SK
S0A 3A0
(306) 322-2281
Muskeg Lake Cree Nation
P.O. Box 248
Marcelin, Saskatchewan
S0J 1R0
(306) 466-4959
Young Chipeewayan First Nation
P.O. Box 66
Gallivan, Saskatchewan
S0M 0X0
(306) 9372990


Native American Nations


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